visualising value

How does communication create value?

That is the central question that we answer in our visualising value approach – an  approach that helps organisations define, direct and demonstrate how their communication contributes to business results.

Visualising Value gives you the tools to …

  • instill measurement and evaluation in the way you operate
  • create insights about what works and what doesn’t
  • focus your strategic planning
  • steer towards planned results
For 1 out of 2 communication professionals linking communication and business impact remains the number one challenge. Connecting communication outcomes to business metrics can help address that.
Today, intangible assets  already account for over 80% of market value in the Standard & Poors 500 Index. They also are the main playing field for communication. Their increasing significance is an opportunity to fulfill the strategic value that communication can create.
Research has shown that the extent to which PR departments or firms use research as an ongoing part of their day-to-day practice is the single best indicator of excellent PR (Grunig, 2016).

Data is a tool. It has the capacity to be valuable only if it is applied with strategic purpose toward a meaningful outcome.

Jack Welch, 2015