visualising value

Business and communication: We work where business strategy and communications meet, creating closer alignment, deeper insights and telling results.

Ambition: We aim to help communication professionals be stronger and more valued business partners -delivering measurable value to their organisation.

Expertise: We bring 40+ years of combined experience in strategic consulting and business communication in leading international organisations.

Some of our thinking has been published, so feel free to explore:
Communication Director

April 2017

meeting with academic interest

Maastricht -- We explored the Value Navigator with the International Centre for Integrated assessment & Sustainable development (ICIS)

March 2017

kicking-off a playlist of modules

Europe -- Our interactive training modules deliver practical help for the team`s concrete needs in planning, steering or reporting.

February 2017

introducing visualising value in Switzerland

Zurich -- Our first sharing session of the Value Navigator and practical examples in Switzerland with a select group of senior business and communication leaders.

December 2016

visualising value sharing session

Brussels -- We gathered in Brussels to share new insights and thoughts forward with the people following us.

November 2016

global strategic planning guide

Amersfoort -- Can you streamline our existing communication planning tools based on the Value Navigator?  The answer was one global planning process, resulting in a plan-on-a-page.

October 2016

made-to-measure planning, coaching

Netherlands, South-Africa --  We worked with two business units on strategic planning. We helped them link to business KPIs and identify metrics that steer towards business results.

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