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Business and communication: We work where business strategy and communications meet, creating closer alignment, deeper insights and telling results.

Ambition: We aim to help communication professionals be stronger and more valued business partners -delivering measurable value to their organisation.

Expertise: We bring 40+ years of combined experience in strategic consulting and business communication in leading international organisations.

Some of our thinking has been published, so feel free to explore:
Communication Director

August 2016

value-based dashboard

Brussels -- “Dashboards should slap you in the face (in a good way)”. We fully agree with Stacey Barr, expert in performance measurement.  So, did we slap our client in the face with his new dashboard concept? Ask us, we`ll show you how.

July 2016

turning strategy into metrics

Brussels --  Our client wanted to link his communication metrics to business KPIs. Where to start, what to connect and how not to get lost? We helped him find the way.

June 2016

value creation workshop, engineering sector

Amersfoort -- Our skill building workshop ‘communication planning for business impact’ got the global marketing & comms team going: "How can we embed this in our way of working?" (For the answer, go to November)

May 2016

metrics check, financial sector

Brussels -- Helping our client lift measurement to a next level. Where do metrics add value, what metrics matter most? Good to see how the Value Navigator makes this a fun thing to do.

April 2016

Value Navigator training, pharmaceutical EMEA team

Amsterdam -- Two-days interactive workshop where the Value Navigator helped the EMEA team build a PR plan for a major disease area. Their starting point: how can we show our value-add beyond just media coverage.

February 2016

visualising value brand sees the light

Europe -- We coined the name `Value Navigator` for our communication framework, since that`s what it does: navigating you towards measurable business value. The visualising value brand & website go live. We love it. Thank you Laura & Annemarie!  

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