visualising value

Anchored in value drivers

Communication creates value, because it creates change. Change in relationships. Change in behaviour. Change in performance.

To capture that change in business terms, we take you beyond a pure communications view and build on the principles of International Integrated Reporting.

Our approach centers on business value drivers, tracked through key performance indicators. They become the criteria against which we plan, measure and report on communication activities.

Our approach is robust and practical. It draws from the latest leading academic research and from pioneering company practices. It comes with hands-on instruments for planning, diagnostics and reporting.

Our Value Navigator is a proprietary tool to help you steer and measure your impact on the organisation. It places business value and key performance indicators at the heart of communication planning and connects communication outcomes with business metrics. A practical toolkit helps you integrate the Value Navigator into your way of working. Ask us about it.

Trust and similar values (…) have real practical economic value; [even though] they are not commodities for which trade on the open market is technically possible or even meaningful.

Kenneth Arrow, Nobel laureate