visualising value

We connect and correlate: A check-up of your measurement approach against the Value Navigator with recommendations on how to integrate value-based principles.
We track and visualise: Together with you, we define the elements of a value-based dashboard for your next strategic project.
We train and coach: You want to invest in your team and look for a practical instrument to help them apply value-based planning and measurement.  The Navigator key gives you access to the full Navigator toolbox, combined with a one-day team workshop to get you started on a case of your choice.
We lift you up: You want to expose your team to the principles of value- based planning and measurement to sharpen their strategic  focus. We conduct an introductory team workshop around the Value Navigator with a case example.

You want to instill a common mindset, language and practice in your organisation on applying research and evaluation to strategic communication planning, steering and reporting.

We advise and accompany you in integrating the Value Navigator into your way of operating, customised to your context and culture.

We also help you put your next high-impact communication programme on the rails to steer towards measurable, predictable results.

Our knowledge pool gives our clients direct access to:

  • the Value Navigator and its practical toolkit of question banks,  indicator guides, metrics and methodologies etc.
  • latest developments in communication measurement and evaluation
  • research findings and case studies
  • useful data, insights and references
  • thought leaders thoughts on communication measurement and evaluation

The biggest conceptual challenge for communications heads will be adapting the traditionally subjective strengths of communications to the more objective, numbers-based idioms of the boardroom.

Arthur W. Page Society, Authentic Leadership